The 5 Best Videos You Loved + Where to Watch Regularly

If you've been on social media for even three seconds in the last two years, you know that video is everywhere. It's often the first thing you see in a feed, whether it's Instagram or Facebook, and it's probably the last thing you see as you close out of the app. No longer will you be required to just take in our videos on Facebook because we have some seriously exciting news.

Wide Open Eats officially launched our new Video Showcase where you'll find curated playlists that feature trendy videos your friends are watching, recipe lists, cocktail how-tos, and more!

Check out our Video Showcase here.

Want a sneak peek of the videos you'll find there? Here are our 5 most popular videos, the ones y'all come back to again and again.

5. Apple Pie Moonshine 

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Before Wide Open Eats existed, Wide Open Spaces was our go-to stop for all things venison and moonshine. This recipe video, our first ever, remains a beloved fan favorite.

Find the recipe here.

4. The 5 Best Pecan Pies in Texas

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Not to spoil the Showcase surprise, but we have an entire section dedicated to the best in Texas. Get a glimpse here, and head on over to the Showcase to see what we named the best margarita, the best ice cream, the best breakfast, and the best chicken fried steak in Texas, to name a few.

Read our full review of the pecan pies in Texas here.

3. The 7 Reasons to Drink Kombucha Every Day

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Once we discovered the amazing health benefits of kombucha, our community took a serious interest. There's a reason this magical elixir is everywhere nowadays.

Find out more about the health benefits of kombucha here.

2. The Pyrex Patterns Worth a Small Fortune

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If you have a few pieces of Grandma's Pyrex hanging around, you might want to compare them to these patterns.

Learn more about vintage Pyrex's pull on the public here.

1. The 7 Breads You Can Make in a Cast Iron Skillet

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Who knew so many folks have been itching to make some bread in their cast irons? We certainly didn't, and this topic has pleasantly surprised us with how much our community loved it.

This video features only seven recipes, so check out the full list of 15 here.

Ready to see more?

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