Longhorns Fans Have One Thing to Celebrate: Record Beer Consumption

Sure, Longhorn Football had a losing 2016 season and things aren't looking great for men's basketball (7-8 so far), but that gives University of Texas fans all the more reason to excel where they're already topping the rankings: beer consumption.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, Texas fans drank - or at least purchased - 104,106 bottles of Miller Lite in the Longhorns' six home games. They had the "highest booze-per-capita in the country, according to a Wall Street Journal audit of beer sales in college football." The data comes from open-record requests of public universities that serve alcohol inside their stadiums.

And that's just Miller Lite.

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They also drank down 99,865 Coors Lights, 38,174 Bud Lights, 35,629 Blue Moons and ... 89 Budweisers. King of Beers? Not in the Lone Star State.

No school earned as much from beer sales as Texas, whose fans spent more than $2.8 million this year alone on - wait for it - 335,000 beers. That's on top of $141,000 on liquor and $128,000 on wine ... not to mention the pre-games, tailgates and after parties.

As an example of just how much UT fans love their suds, Longhorns fans shilled out $701,234 on booze during the September overtime nail-biter against Notre Dame alone.

The study does, however, have its limitations: Several "heavy-drinking schools" like Ohio State, Minnesota and Colorado have yet to report, and plenty of schools simply don't sell alcohol.

Sorry, every single football fan in the Southeastern Conference. Not everyone can drink like a Longhorn.

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