The 4 Unusual Ways to Use Pickle Juice in Your Cuisine

Pickles, you either hate 'em or you love 'em. If you hate them, just stop reading here and go look at something you'll enjoy. If you love them, get ready to have your world rocked. We all know that drinking pickle juice is like consuming a magical elixir that does everything from relieving muscle cramps to regulating blood sugar levels to boosting electrolyte levels, which works to alleviate headaches and menstrual cramps to boot. So when we talk about the health benefits of pickle juice, it's serious.

Dill pickles are famous for accompanying some of America's favorite foods like hamburgers and hotdogs. But, for those who truly love pickles, you know that there is a world of difference between soggy, industrial dill pickles and farm fresh, crispy, spiced pickles. Any pickle fanatic will tell you, to even begin to enjoy pickles on anything properly, you're going to need to invest in the latter.

Once you've gotten your hands on some wonderfully brined cucumbers, you will probably sit down and immediately enjoy them all. But isn't it always depressing that you have to throw out all that wonderful brine? Wouldn't it be great if there were a way to inject some of your other favorite foods with the delicious flavor a pickle? Well, you can.

1. Vinaigrettes

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The easiest way to begin using pickling brine in other dishes is to make it into a vinaigrette that will work as a strong substitute for chimichurri and homemade salsas on your fish and meat.

Just add some fresh herbs and a little bit of olive oil. Shake it up, and pour it over your meat. You'll be awed at the elegant way the tart juice cuts through the fatty meat perfectly. And because dill pickle juice contains such a high sodium content, you'll be combating muscle cramping the easy way with your greens.

2. Mayonnaise

A tangy addition to this uncompromisingly smooth condiment is what makes Duke's mayonnaise a household staple in the South. All you have to do is whisk together equal parts pickle brine and mayonnaise. Then if you're feeling fancy, add some lemon, herbs, and garlic to give the sauce some real interest.

You're going to want to spread it on everything from artichokes to steak sandwiches. While mayo isn't considered the most health food ingredient you could use, in small amounts, it's perfectly healthy and provides healthy fats your body needs for energy.

3. Smoked Fish Salad

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Yes, it's unusual, but so are those little canned fishes. No one really knows what to do with them, so here's an idea.

Soak those salty fishes in pickle vinaigrette overnight to brine them slightly, then put them in a bath of olive oil. You can either enjoy that as an appetizer or toss it on top of a summer salad for maximum enjoyment.

4. Cocktails

Hold onto your horses here. Imagine subbing pickle vinaigrette in for straight brine in your pickle-back shots. Or, even better, as an ingredient in your morning-after Bloody Mary. It goes incredibly well with all your other favorite spicy elements  like Tabasco, tomatillos, and horseradish.

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