Unreal Deli's Plant Based Meat is the New Impossible Burger

As a (mostly) vegan eater, I have firsthand experience with how difficult it can be to find tasty non-meat proteins. Tofu, nuts and beans are delicious, but it definitely gets old trying to find new ways to enjoy them. Although the Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger have been the big names in plant-based proteins for the last couple of years, there's a new plant-based protein in town called Unreal Deli, and it definitely rivals the competition.

The World Famous Unreal Ruben

unreal deli
Unreal Deli

I recently tried Unreal Deli's products for the first time, and let's just say I've been converted. I tried the Unreal Roasted Turk'y and the Unreal Corn'd Beef. As someone who doesn't especially enjoy corned beef in the first place, I was a little dubious of how much I would enjoy a plant-based version.

However, Unreal Deli's vegan food products was surprisingly delicious! I used the recipe page on Unreal Deli's website, which has great ideas, especially for those who don't know where to begin when using plant-based deli meat.

The "World Famous Unreal Reuben" seemed like a safe option, containing Unreal Corned Beef, rye bread, Swiss or provolone cheese, Russian dressing, and sauerkraut. I went for sourdough bread and added slices of baby dill pickles (which I could easily eat an entire jar of). I also added in some tomato slices and spinach for some extra veggie action. The vegan corned beef sandwich was a medley of yummy flavors and kept me full all afternoon!

Unreal Deli and their Delicious Ingredients

unreal deli
Unreal Deli

Unreal Deli makes tasty deli meat out of plant-based ingredients. This all-natural approach is worlds away from making "fake meat" in a lab, and each serving includes vitamins and nutrients from the vegetables it contains.

Along with being plant-based, Unreal Deli Meat is kosher, animal-free, cholesterol-free, and nitrate-free. Not to mention, it's low-fat, low-carb, and packed with protein, making it as healthy as it is delectable!

This tasty new vegan deli product is a departure from the burgers and sausages that vegan meat often focuses on. Some vegan foodies have even called the New York City deli's products the world's finest plant-based meat product on the market.

100 Years of Family History!

unreal deli
Unreal Deli

Unreal Deli has a long history of providing tasty deli meat, and its creators are passionate about ethical protein sources that still taste delectable. Unreal Deli Corp's founder Jenny Goldfarb is a New Yorker whose great grandfather Morris Gross ran a New York deli, so making delicious deli meat is in her genes. Goldfarb grew up eating meat but changed her ways about six years ago. However, after going vegetarian, she missed the taste of authentic New-York-style corned beef and decided to create her own.

"Coming from over 100 years of family NY deli history, I grew up eating meat, dairy, fish, everything my whole life. And then about six years ago I started seeing videos of what happens on everyday, grassfed, local, even "happy farms" and it broke my heart into smithereens. After I felt heartbroken, I felt hoodwinked into thinking eating animals was normal, healthy, the right thing to do! I felt like I was taken for a ride. I created Unreal Corn'd Beef as an answer for my nostalgic cravings."

When asked what sets her products apart from other plant-based meat replacements, she says that "Besides being backed by over 100 years of family deli history and being certified kosher, we only use premium, whole ingredients that you can pronounce."

Unreal Deli's Rise to Fame

Unreal Deli

It seems that she's not the only one who feels this way! Mrs. Goldfarb's Unreal Deli products were voted #1 for plant-based meat from fast food chains, above Impossible and Beyond! Along with this, PETA listed this New York deli's products as one of their favorite plant-based deli slices.

Goldfarb launched the brand in 2018, selling her products to restaurants and grocery stores. Then, she competed in the ABC reality series "Shark Tank," where she caught the attention of billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban.

Mark Cuban is a deli-meat lover himself, and he was quickly converted to Unreal Deli's products. "As a self-declared deli expert, I have officially placed my allegiance with Unreal. I'll simplify everything. I love it...I'll be on the front page of it, I'll be the poster child for it," Cuban said on the Shark Tank episode. Goldfarb received twice the investment she was seeking from Cuban, and the brand took off. Distributers like Whole Foods and Quiznos hopped on the brand, and it's only grown in popularity since.

Unreal Deli has changed the game when it comes to vegan food, giving us a new, healthier option for plant-based protein. As a recent member of the Unreal Deli fan club, I will definitely be making myself a helping of Unreal Corn'd Beef Hash for dinner!

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