Unicorn Macarons Are 2017's First Desserts We're Obsessed With

If you're anything like us, then you've probably never met a dessert you didn't like. We all have our favorites, but we're never mad at a dessert for merely existing, right? They're so quaint, so delicious, so enticing and so meant to be eaten--and enjoyed. We've seen it all; from the cupcake craze to the frozen bananas smothered in whatever toppings we desire and everything in between, it seemed as if everything that could be done to a dessert had been done . . . until now.

About two years ago, we saw, and partook, in the common interest of macarons. It was an epidemic of sweet proportions, and the flavors were endless. From chocolate to coconut, and carrot cake to rainbow sherbet, we tested them all. Sure, some were better than others, but they all had one thing in common: one general color and one general flavor.

This was the way macaroons were meant to be, or so we thought. But now it's 2017 and things are getting colorful, to say the least. Rainbow colorful, to be exact, mixed with a little bit of imagination. Without further adieu, we present to you the mystical creature that is the Unicorn Macaron.

We know what you're probably thinking; what does that even mean? Well folks, it's exactly what it sounds like, but even better. These macarons can resemble that of a unicorn, decorated with faces and making the filling colorful with rainbow sprinkles, or even putting cotton candy in between, to dazzle up a two-year-old classic.

The best part about the unicorn macaron is you have the creative freedom to take them in whichever direction you choose. If you're feeling inspired or intrigued, here are a few of our favorite unicorn macarons out there. After all, what are gloomy, winter days good for other than baking with unicorns?

When it comes down to it, fruity pebbles and sprinkles can cure all, and the same is true when added to a macaron. The best of the best take to Instagram.

What's better than macarons? A carousel full of unicorn macarons.

How can you look at this and not want to create your own unicorn masterpiece?

Your unicorn macaron doesn't even have to have a unicorn face on it. Simply take inspiration from the magical unicorn-esque colors - pastels, all of the pastels.

Better yet, get fun and flirty with your unicorn design. A little wink never hurt anyone!

You can even opt out of the facial decorations and opt in for a literal unicorn, covered in glitter (obviously).

How about unicorn donuts?

Give these unicorn-themed desserts a try in your own kitchen - no matter what, they'll turn out beautifully.

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