The Quick Guide to Eating for Your Zodiac Sign

You know what they say, you are what you eat, but is it also true that you eat things because of what you are? While you ponder this question, let me suggest to you that indeed, your zodiac sign holds great influence over your dietary preferences. Whether you're a fire sign who likes to swallow chilis whole or you're a Pisces who always seems to be thirsty, the star sign under which you were born will sway your food selection come mealtime.

So what if you were given a handy guide to tell you what your body needs so that you can always have you fridge properly stocked? That way, when cravings hit, you'll always be prepared. Well, now you can. Find your sign below and learn what your body needs to keep itself running.


March 21 -April 19

You're a fire sign and as such, you're more likely to rise to any culinary challenge and are even able to defeat the most combative of foods: the chili. However, don't sell yourself short. Show the world what you're really made out of and take on the ghost pepper.

However, if you're not ready to use them in your own kitchen, you can always visit the Chunky's in San Antonio and they'll serve you up a ghost pepper burger that's piping hot.


April 20 -May 20

You're stubborn and everyone around you knows it. In fact, you're the only person among your friends who regularly starts diets and sticks to them.

However, you also make time to enjoy the immense pleasure you feel when eating delicious food. Give into your indulgence side and whip up a steak, paired with a rich and deep red wine.


May 21 -June 20

Gemini aren't picky eaters by any means, but they do appreciate the novelty of certain foods. Embrace your penchant for fast food with these Homemade Taco Bell tacos.

As the two-faced sign, you must indulge in both the guilty pleasures of life, as well as those that come with more refined tastes.


June 21 -July 22

As a Cancer, embrace your passion for comfort and tradition with some classic Southern comfort food. Those delicious foods that remind you of home, like barbecue and bacon are exactly what you'll want when cozied up on the couch.


July 23 -August 22

Hey, you show off. We all know only the best will do for you. Therefore, for the ultimate culinary experience, you're going to need to go on a luxurious vacation to Sogo's  i CREMERiA in Hong Kong where you can snag yourself a 24k gold leaf plated ice cream cone.

If you're staying home to embrace your luxurious side, this is the perfect summertime suggestion.


August 23 -September 22

As a perfectionist, Virgos find beauty in balance and detail. Therefore, you will do best by spending your morning's prepping intricate smoothie bowls and summer salads that will awe your Instagram following and help you channel your energies to find your center as you get ready to start your day.


September 23 -October 22

For Libras, the scale bearers, consistency is key. Therefore, make sure you don't get too wild with your recipes. You don't want any surprises. Instead, you'll want to try something familiar and sweet.


October 23 -November 21

Scorpios are interesting creatures. They're a water sign but are symbolized by a creature that we normally associate with fire. All that is to say that you are a strange combination of traits, and as a result, you like interesting combinations of food that no one else does.


November 22 -December 21

Sagittarius signs like adventure and travel to exotic places. So why not aim true and really commit to your adventurous tastes? No, ramps and fiddleheads don't count. What you need in your life is an easy-to-whip-together dish that matches your adventurous tastes and your short-on-time schedule.


December 22 -January 19

Capricorns tend to be traditional and resistant to change. None of that inventive nonsense in their kitchens. It's all about casseroles and 1950s Swanson microwave dinners.

Why improve on something that has been feeding families just fine for decades?


January 20 -February 18

You guys are the ones who come up to inventive solutions to culinary problems. Don't have any buttermilk in the fridge? Hey, just add a splash of vinegar to your regular milk.

Likewise, you were also probably the geniuses who decided that leftover coffee grounds would be excellent as a brisket rub - bravo.


February 19 -March 20

They say you're emotional and tumultuous, but really, you're just a cool kid with a thirst for life ... and water. Naturally, you really like water. Seriously, you can't get enough.

So be smart about things and always make sure that you have your hydration on hand. It's hard to quench a Pisces' thirst.

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