Twinkies Ice Cream Will Be in Grocery Store Aisles for a Limited Time

Brace yourself because our favorite sweet treat to deep fry is getting a makeover in frozen food form. From the makers of Tollhouse cookies and cream-filled Ding Dongs, Nestle and Hostess have teamed up to create the ultimate ice cream flavor - Twinkies.

Riding the nostalgic wave, indulging in an ice cream cone with bite-sized Twinkies sounds almost too good to be true. And yet, some mastermind decided to invent this Frankenstein concoction to give us the dessert to cure our winter blues.

If you're wondering about the original banana cream filling, it won't make a comeback - and probably for the best. And a vanilla base? That's not good enough for Twinkies. Instead, the ice cream will be a smooth buttercream with swirls of vanilla frosting and bits of Twinkies.

One bite into this perfect marriage of ice cream and cake will have you wondering why it took so long for the two to unite.

Actually, they almost didn't. For a period, Twinkies were in real danger of disappearing off shelves forever. When Hostess closed in 2012, Snow Balls, Twinkies, and Ding Dongs were staring into the face of extinction. However, after being picked up by Apollo Group Management and Metropulos & Co in 2013 the treats survived what could have been a tragic ending to the junk food world.

It seems the snack named after a shoe that lifted spirits during the Great Depression has proven it can stand the test of time - in popularity, not shelf life. Believe it or not, Twinkies can and do expire.

If you love Twinkies as much as the next guy, then swing by the local Dollar General because the ice cream will be around for a limited time - now until May 2017. Oh, and if you also like Cupcakes and Snow Balls, you're in luck.

They will also be sold in ice cream form alongside their Twinkies friend. That is, as long as supplies last.

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