Turn Fruit into Cider in Your Home Without Guessing with ALCHEMA

The future is now. While some Kickstarter campaigns are downright silly, there are quiet a few that we can't wait to see in the world. ALCHEMA is one of them. Simplifying the cider-making process, ALCHEMA is an easy three-step program that guides you at every turn from the initial recipe to measuring the weight of each ingredient as they are added.

This is one Kickstarter campaign that will seriously change summer days. ALCHEMA is looking to fund its way into the world of personalized cider creation (a world we haven't yet visited but are very excited to experience).

Of its $80,000 goal, $344,231 have been raised by 899 backers. The plans vary, though there are still plenty of spots left on the list to receive the first shipment of ALCHEMAs.

This video boasts three easy steps.

You need to pick the recipe, add the ingredients, and click finish. The app will show how much of each ingredient you add, and you can check the brewing status at any time on the app, as well.

It will even trigger the sanitizing function of ALCHEMA before the ingredients are added. Fermentation takes approximately one to two weeks, and ALCHEMA comes paired with an app that will take all of the guesswork (and germs) away from the process.

Here's a video of the ALCHEMA in action with apple cider.

If you thought that the Jetsons seemed like they had it good, just imagine if they were all fueled by homemade cider. The future is now!

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