How To Use a Turkey Baster & The Best Kind to Buy


Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and those of us in charge of the cooking side of things will soon be deciding which scrumptious dishes will be on the table this year. Do we want to make last year's green bean casserole or try a new veggie dish? And what about desserts- apple pie or pumpkin pie? (obviously both) When it comes to the main course, little discussion is necessary, since Thanksgiving is all about the turkey. This year will be a year to remember because your Thanksgiving turkey will be the juiciest turkey ever with the use of a turkey baster.

The versatility of a Turkey Baster

While turkey is a staple of Thanksgiving dinner and beloved by all, it can be a little dry at times. This is why gravy is such a perfect companion to turkey; it adds the flavor and moisture that turkey meat sometimes lacks on its own. Because of this, turkey basters are an essential kitchen tool- they help to create such moist turkey that you don't even need gravy! Sure, you probably have a ton of kitchen gadgets taking up your kitchen utensil drawer, but this is a must-have!

Along with being a great tool for the turkeys, turkey basters are more versatile than many people realize! Although their usage for artificial insemination is a myth, they can be used to decorate pancakes, fill muffin tins and remove grease from bbq meat. Instead of using measuring cups to scoop out your waffle mix, use a turkey baster instead.


What is the Purpose of a Turkey Baster?

Turkey basters have a bulb connected to a flavor injector, the perfect design to squeeze up a large amount of liquid and then release it back onto the turkey. Basting a turkey is the most efficient way to keep it moist as it cooks. While some people choose to use a barbecue basting brush instead, nothing is as quick and easy as a turkey baster.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your turkey baster this Thanksgiving. Some basters have a rubber bulb, while others are designed with a silicone bulb or made with latex. When it comes to functionality, it's important to have a heat-resistant baster, since otherwise it can crack or melt when exposed to the high heat of the oven. Many people aim to find dishwasher-safe basters for easy cleaning, along with ones made with bpa-free material.

The Tovolo on Amazon is considered top-rack when it comes to basters because of its ease of use, angled tip, and dishwasher-safe material. This is also a dripless baster, featuring a removable dripless tip to avoid dripping onto the countertop when transferring liquids.

The Tovolo Turkey Baster


Another high-quality option is the Norpro, a stainless steel turkey baster with a powerful suction, which comes with its own cleaning brush. This one is also heat-safe and well designed to hold hot liquid, and many say that it is one of the best turkey basters.

The Norpro Turkey Baster


How to Use a Turkey Baster

First, squeeze the bulb of the turkey baster before putting it into the liquid. Insert the baster into the liquid in the turkey's roasting pan at an angle rather than straight down, releasing to allow liquid into the bulb. Once the bulb is full of liquid, withdraw the marinade injector, tilting so that the bulb is below the tip to avoid dripping. Now it's time to add the liquid back in!

Aim the tip of the baster above the center of the turkey with the tip facing down, and slowly squeeze the bulb to release juice back onto the meat. Once the liquid has been released back onto the turkey, tip the bulb to be lower than the injector again to keep it from dripping, and baste again. Continue to baste as your turkey cooks and get ready to enjoy a tender and juicy Thanksgiving meal!

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