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This Hilarious Donald Trump Bottle Opener Brings Laughter to Wine Night


You're either drinking more because you're upset Trump lost or happy because Biden won. Either way, I can see both political parties loving this Trump bottle opener. This hilarious beer bottle opener is the perfect gag gift for Trump supporters and Biden supporters. I think we can all cheers to that.

All of those other bottle openers? Losers. They can't open a beer bottle as good as President Donald Trump. Believe me. Ask anyone. Make America Great Again with the power of this corkscrew.

Funny Trump Bottle Openers

1. Donald Trump Big Bite bottle opener magnet

  • Pricing: Under $9

You can find this collectible on Amazon for only $8.95. It's a great gift for your best friend who loves Trump and cold beer. Or, for your friend who just can't stand him! Your buddy is going to giggle when they see Trump take a "big bite" of their beer bottle.


Add this magnetic bottle opener to your Amazon wishlist today!

2. Damn Handy Products Corkscrew Donald, aka WOTUS--Wine Opener of The United States

  • Pricing: $13

Where are my wine lovers at? This bottle opener is funny, and it's "yuge!" Your friend who just can't resist a wine bottle each weekend deserves this Trump bottle opener. A customer gave it a five-star rating and said, "Liked that it is gift boxed and well made. No complaints."

Another customer said that the action figure is large! Good to know that this wacky gadget is durable.

3. President Trump with Ukulele Bottle Opener

  • Pricing: Under $20

Here's another goofy bottle opener for friends and family. Gift recipients can place this beer can opener on their keychains, so it stays secure. Your friends are going to love it! A customer gave it a perfect rating and said that it was a great gift for the neighbor.


These bottle openers are budget-friendly, making them all great gag gifts for the holidays. For more new products, visit Amazon.

This post was originally published on December 22, 2020.

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