Trapped Mexican Bakers Make Pan Dulce for Hundreds During Harvey

A quartet of bakers trapped at work for two days in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey put that time to good use, baking hundreds of loaves of bread to pass out to their fellow flood victims, The Independent reports. After realizing they could not leave due to dangerously rising water levels, four bakers at Houston's El Bolillo Bakery needed something to take their minds off of friends and family braving the weather emergency outside.

So, they started baking. After two days, they had used nearly 2,000 kilograms -- about 4,400 pounds -- of flour to make bread and pan dulce, a Mexican sweet bread.

Hurricane Harvey pan dulce we are going to take to those in need. Bakers we're stuck inside for two days! We will announce when we open our stores again.

Posted by El Bolillo Bakery on Monday, August 28, 2017

"When they realised they were stuck, they decided to keep themselves busy and help the community and made as many loaves of bread as they could," manager Brian Alvarado told The Independent.

"By the time the owner managed to get to them, they had made so much bread that we took the loaves to loads of emergency centres across the city for people affected by the floods. We didn't count exactly how many loaves they made, but they used 4,400 pounds [1,996kg] of flour."

Within hours of their story being shared on Facebook, the four bakers had become small-scale celebrities -- yet another happy and heartening story coming from the ravages of Hurricane Harvey.

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