Tostitos Releases Alcohol-Detecting 'Safe Bag' in Time for Super Bowl

If you get a little too beer enthusiastic this Super Bowl, your Tostitos will let you know. In an effort with Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Uber to raise awareness about drinking and driving, Tostitos has come up with a solution to make their fellow football lovers aware they shouldn't be driving - and it's called the "Safe Bag".

WTNH reported that the the "Safe Bag" works more along the lines of an alcohol sensor bag rather than a breathalyzer. Instead of giving you a blood alcohol reading, it detects whether or not there is alcohol on your breath.

So how does it let you know?

By blowing into the top sensor, lights around the logo will give you the signal. Green obviously means no alcohol is detected, but if alcohol is detected, a red steering wheel will light up as well as a warning message to not drink and drive.

This is where Uber comes in. An Uber code will be offered if the red steering wheel light up, giving the drinker a discount on using their service to get home safe from the Super Bowl. Pretty cool right?

There have been a lot of marketing gimmicks geared towards sporting events, but it is safe to say this is no gimmick. The companies are interested in engaging the conversation about responsible drinking in a fun way.

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Sadly, you won't be able to pick up these bags at the local grocery store. They are a special marketing release. They will, however, be passing out 25,000 Uber discounts of $10 to anyone who buys a bag of chips to use after the Super Bowl.

Remember, it is illegal to drive with a blood alcohol content of .08 or above, and it is also illegal to drive impaired. Which means, even if you are below that limit, you still shouldn't be driving if you've been drinking. And you don't need a chip bag to tell you that.

Be safe. Be responsible. And enjoy the Super Bowl!

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