Have You Ever Made Taco Shells with your Toaster?

Don't touch that giant pot filled with hot and bubbling oil. Tacos are just a pop away with this genius hack that uses a toaster (yes, a normal toaster you use to toast your bagels in the morning). While the Nuni toaster (a tortilla toaster ) is a pretty cool invention, it only warms your tortillas up. Rather a conventional toaster will not only toast and crisp up your tortillas, but it'll also shape it into the perfect taco shape.

Whether you like corn tortillas or flour tortillas, this hack works for you. Taco Tuesday just got a little bit easier to celebrate without the need for crazy special kitchen appliances. Plus this trick is actually a healthy alternative to oil-fried hard shell tacos.

According to Delish, simply heat up your corn tortillas, covered with a damp paper towel, in the microwave for 15 seconds to soften them. Place the heated tortillas in the toaster folded into a taco and press down the button. Easy enough, right?

The Kitchn tends to disagree. While the recipe seems pretty foolproof (you stick the tortilla in a bread toaster, what's so hard about that?) there are a few flaws in the recipe.

The first flaw would be the issue of sizing. Since toasters are usually only big enough for a slice of bread, it's crucial to buy the right size tortilla at the grocery store before bringing it home. Go for a fajita size or smaller if they have. Depending on your toaster you still might have to squeeze it in.

Secondly, do not set your toaster ablaze. Tortillas toast at a different temperature and speed than bread, so don't walk away for a second. Your tacos might get stuck and set your toaster a-blazin'.

However, if you are careful, this taco hack is a total game-changer. Plus it makes it possible to make hard taco shells at 2 am, thank you very much.

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