This Top-Rated Vegetable Spiralizer Is on Sale for Less Than $20

The vegetable noodle trend isn't by any stretch, but it is finally coming into popularity in mainstream American cooking. While once a gluten-free and vegan solution to pasta, it is now a wholesome, healthy alternative to pasta which works for everything from easy dinners to Whole 30-compliant recipes.

So if you've been on the sidelines of the vegetable noodle trend, now is your chance to give it a go with this Zestkit Tri-Blade Vegetable Slicer and Spiralizer that's 60 percent off.


Priced originally at $39.99, marked down to $15.99, this heavy duty spiralizer comes complete with three different blade sets to create spaghetti-like ribbons, bucatini-like ribbons, and straight, thicker ribbon cuts.

The bottom features suction cups so it easily sticks to your counter, making the task at hand easier. The hand crank produces even cuts and slices, and each of the blade sets are dishwasher-safe.


More than anything, the customer reviews reveal how fantastic this spiralizer is.

Amazon user Deb gave this spiralizer five stars and wrote,

So far very awesome! I used it to slice sweet potato and its amazingly sharp! The suction on the bottom hold the machine to the counter. Then it cut through the veggies like butter. I also was able to easily wash the whole thing in the sink. I love this slicer! I will be using it to make homemade fries and zoodles and chips, for a healthy lifestyle!


An Amazon customer, anonymously, rated this product with five stars and wrote,

We had a handheld spiralizer before this that was difficult to use and would cramp our hands up big time. This one is waaaay easier to use, and just easy to use in general. And I like that all of the blades store inside of it, so you won't lose any of them. I love zoodles and hate hand cramps, so five stars!

And finally, Michele Eigler rated this with five stars and wrote,

We now use this in all the dishes that call for pasta! Zoodles work great for spaghetti. I put mine in the sauce and cook them til done to impart the taste of all the herbs and garlic. It's also great for making "pasta" salad. The fact that it's just so easy to use and clean is a bonus.

So what are you waiting for? Get started noodling your favorite vegetables, from onions for crispy onion rings to zucchini noodles for spaghetti.

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