Top Ramen Pringles Are the Next Snack Craze

There is no denying our love for a satiating bowl of cheap instant ramen. A couple minutes on the stove and those crispy packs are transformed into a sodium overload that is too savory to pass up. Now, thanks to an iconic potato chip maker we can have that flavor on-the-go in the most snackable form.

Pringles partnered with makers of Top Ramen and Cup O' Noodles Nissan to bring the world Top Ramen Chicken Flavor chips. Pairing the beloved flavor of ramen with the world's most poppable chip crisp? Genius. The new potato crisp dusted with chicken flavored ramen-y goodness is sure to bring back nostalgic memories of grade school lunches combined with days in the college dorm.

Twitter: Pringles

Sure, you could just crunch up those packets and sprinkle on the flavoring for a quick ramen snack. But why bother with uncooked noodles when you could have the flavor packed into a potato chip? This snack mash up is junk food heaven.

The limited-release chip canisters will be available later this month at Dollar General Store locations. You may want to act fast because once you pop, you won't want to stop - and neither will all those other ramen, chip junk food lovers.

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Oh, and for those of you 21 and up, grab a bottle of Cup O' Beer and experience that full effect of this mind-blowing food and beer pairing. It's a ramen overload of heavenly bliss.

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