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The Top 20 Brands with the Best Customer Loyalty


A person's preferences can be determined by so many factors. Region, taste, and age can all play into the things we love, and the things we remember well into adulthood. For most of us, the brands that we use in the kitchen are often influenced by the brands our families used. When it comes to restaurant chains, nostalgia is a big factor when it comes to customer loyalty. Every year, the Nation's Restaurant News releases a list of the restaurant chains with the best customer loyalty, and the 2017 report is out.

As part of a Consumer Picks survey, NRN looked deep into customer preference when choosing a restaurant. This also correlated with a restaurant brand's strength, or how much buzz it builds, along with a factor called True Loyalty. True Loyalty, according to NRN, "is the percentage of visits that were motivated by the brand and not by circumstance." Essentially, when diners have a choice of where to eat, where do they instinctively choose to go?

The percentage of brand loyalty indicates the "percentage of respondents that said their last visit to the brand was motivated by the brand and not by convenience." Here are the top 20 restaurant chains in 2017 that inspired diners to always head on over and take a seat.

20. Olive Garden

Inspired 47 percent loyalty

19. Jersey Mike's

Inspired 47 percent loyalty

18. Jason's Deli

Inspired 47 percent loyalty

17. Five Guys

Inspired 47 percent loyalty

For best results, add bacon. ?? (?: LilWiLLYDuBOIS | Twitter)

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16. Rita's Italian Ice

Inspired 48 percent loyalty

Forget the leaves ? jump into Rita's ?

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15. Papa John's

Inspired 48 percent loyalty

14. Round Table Pizza

Inspired 49 percent loyalty

13. Chipotle Mexican Grill

Inspired 49 percent loyalty

Just a girl standing in front of a bowl asking it to love her.

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12. Whataburger

Inspired 50 percent loyalty

Still a better love story than Romeo and Juliet.

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11. Pei Wei Asian Diner

Inspired 50 percent loyalty

365 new days. 365 more times to eat Pei Wei. _ ?: @nashvillemade

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10. Krispy Kreme

Inspired 50 percent loyalty

9. Chick-fil-A

Inspired 50 percent loyalty

Nuggets and Waffle Fries. A perfect match. ?:: @ohsogoodfood

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8. Captain D's

Inspired 51 percent loyalty

7. Panera Bread

Inspired 52 percent loyalty

When it?s chilly outside. It?s chili inside.

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6. Cracker Barrel

Inspired 52 percent loyalty

We slow-simmer our classic Chicken n? Dumplins every day.

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5. Raising Cane's

Inspired 53 percent loyalty

Who's hungry?

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4. Texas Roadhouse

Inspired 54 percent loyalty

Every table needs a centerpiece. Especially a tasty one!

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3. Red Lobster

Inspired 54 percent loyalty

2. Papa Murphy's

Inspired 60 percent loyalty

1. In-N-Out Burger

Inspired 62 percent loyalty

Quality You Can Taste®

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Texans, where were your votes for Whataburger?! It didn't even make it into the Top 10, and instead your own true enemy, In-N-Out Burger, topped the list for customer loyalty.


Which restaurant on this list does your family love?

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