The Reason Why The Tomato and Mayo Sandwich is The Ultimate Summer Food

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I get it; it's okay to balk at this declaration, but I'm proud to say the tomato and mayo sandwich is the ultimate sandwich for summer. It's so stinking simple and encompasses the best parts of the season. Crisp and fragrant heirloom tomato slices, rich and creamy mayo, a hint of salt and freshly ground black pepper all layered on store-bought white bread. And while it may only take seconds to make, it's been on the minds of Americans for decades when summertime hits.

No one knows who exactly invented this favorite sandwich- whether it came from New England or from the Southern states. All we know is the mayo tomato sandwich is an integral part of summer sandwiches between splashing in the pool and getting sun-kissed on your shoulders and nose.

How To Make the Perfect Tomato and Mayo Sandwich

To begin, arm yourself with the necessary ingredients. Skimping on these will only hurt yourself.

The Mayo

Purists will tell you Duke's mayonnaise is the only way to go, however, we've seen everything from homemade, to Hellmann's to even Miracle Whip. It all depends on personal preference just as long as you spread mayonnaise on thick.

The Tomato

The best tomatoes are summer tomatoes, hands down. This isn't the time to grab a tomato from the bin at the grocery store. No, this sandwich deserves much more than that. Make a trip out to your local produce stand or farmer's market and pick up a bushel of fresh tomatoes. Or better yet, grab a few from the neighbor's garden. You can thank us in between bites.

The Bread

When it comes to bread slices, the softer the better. This is no time to break out your artesian loaf of 13-grain bread. Good ol' Wonder Bread does the job right.

Building the Sandwich

Take your slice of bread and spread with mayonnaise. Top with thick slices of ripe tomato and sprinkle on sea salt and ground black pepper. Top with another slice of bread and devour.

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