6 Tips for Mastering a Mismatched Table Setting at Your Wedding

You know that saying: "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." Instead of worrying about incorporating all of these requirements individually throughout your wedding, you can cover all your bases simultaneously by setting a creative table.

Of course having an impeccable set of matching china to complement your elegant florals is a classic choice. But as it is your big day, don't you want to throw caution to the wind and try something whimsical? Besides, having an original table setting will be a perfect artistic expression of your new coupledom as well as a huge savings for you as you embark on your new life together.

Just make sure that you follow a few rules to make sure that your table setting remains cohesive even as you revel in all its mismatched glory.

1. Group Similar Colors

unmixed color table setting
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One of the most important rules of thumb to follow when setting a mismatched table is to group like colors together. The best way to tackle this task is to pick a color scheme to unite the table and run with it.

It's okay even if you have multiple colors in your scheme. Just make sure you pair them judiciously.

2. Layer Shades of the Same Color

color china table setting
Unique Settings

Avoid haphazardly piling colors together because you think that each individual setting pairs together nicely.

If you approach the table this way, when you step back and look at the bigger picture, there will be no cohesion from one seat to another and  you will effectively erase all the charm that mismatched china can add.

3. Select a Motif

floral china table setting
Unique Settings

Similar to unifying a table through color, you can also do it through pattern. Select an element that all your dinnerware must have in common and stick to it.

Whether it be a tasteful metallic band around the rim or vintage florals, being vigilant about your adherence to a pattern will allow you to bring the aesthetic of a table together nicely.

4. Use Cloth Napkins

Romantic table setting with died flowers

Cloth napkins offer a quiet elegance to any table setting. They are also a subtle way to give consistency to a mismatched table setting and tie things together.

Also, having the same wine goblets, water glasses, and placemats at the table will offer a similar stabilizing effect to the overall vibe of the table.

5. Select Coordinating Silverware

coordinating flatware table setting
Unique Settings

Your utensils are the most useful embellishment that you can place on the table. They can help you bridge the gap between vintage and modern as well as complete your color-scape.

Pick gold flatware to complement the blush pink motif of your table or hunt for a set of vintage silverware to give your setting an air of vintage authenticity. The flatware options are as endless as your imagination.

6. Integrate the Details of the Season

consistent placemats
Unique Settings

Be creative in your choice of greenery and centerpieces. Bringing the outside in or injecting unusual elements can work wonders in fusing the final look of your table into an expressive representation of your personality.

Ostentatious ornaments are great when used poetically, and placemats can pack a powerful punch. When you tie these details to the season, you automatically transform your table setting from a quaint hodgepodge into a conscious consideration of carefully placed elements.

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