3 Simple Hacks to Reduce Food Waste in Your Kitchen

In the United States, it's estimated that 40 percent of consumer food will wind up in the landfill. Spoilage, uneaten leftovers, and thrown away food scraps contribute to a wasteful kitchen. In an ideal world, this would never happen. Every last bit of food would be consumed and our kitchens would remain 100 percent waste-free. But let's face it, food waste is inevitable.

We're going to forget about that jar in the back of the fridge which has now turned into a science experiment, and our cravings for something else will have yesterday's leftovers winding up in the trash. However, with a conscious effort and a few simple hacks, we can change our habits and reduce the percentage of food waste.

Here to provide us with some nifty tricks, Take Part shows us how we can reduce food waste right in our very own kitchen. By incorporating Take Part's three easy steps, more food can wind up on plates rather than in the trash.

Yes, organizing the fridge can be a pain. Yet, it can help you with your shopping list and keep foods from spoiling - like that science experiment that's hiding. Knowing your produce is also key to keeping food fresh. Cold storage, room temperature storage, shelf life, and what produces should be kept apart can lengthen shelf life.

Are you putting potatoes with onions? Not a good idea. Sure they taste great together, but potatoes and onions release gases that cause the other to spoil faster. Knowing where to store what means your food can have a longer lifespan.

For all those organizational addicts out there, your storage habits as well as shopping lists are helping cut down food waste - even if you don't realize it. Planning meals using a simple shopping list cuts down impulse buys -- meaning your food won't go to waste. It also means less trips to the grocery store for forgotten items, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Another fun way to reduce food waste is by re-growing kitchen scraps. Foods like green onions and lettuce can be re-grown using nothing more than a jar of water! Pretty crazy, huh.

Do you have any tricks on decreasing food waste in the kitchen? Tell us!

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