This Map Shows the 3 Most Popular Interior Design Styles in Each State

Home design is never far from the kitchen. In fact, kitchen design is one of our favorite topics because most are small hacks you can implement whether you own or rent. However, when it comes to choosing a design style, it can be incredibly frustrating and confusing to figure things out. Do you like the farmhouse style, like Chip and Joanna Gaines, or are you more into a modern, sleek look? Maybe you appreciate the Southwestern ranch style of the Pioneer Woman. Either way, the options are endless, but you have to make a design eventually.

If crowdsourcing helps you out the most, then you'll love this map detailing the hottest design trends in your state. Furniture maker Joybird's design blog Canvas recently compiled Google Trends data on the top-three most-searched interior design styles, by state, and translated it into this trio of easy-on-the-eyes maps.


The interior design styles

  • Victorian

  • Bohemian

  • Traditional

  • Shabby Chic

  • Industrial

  • Transitional

  • Art Deco

  • Contemporary

  • Mid-Century Modern

  • Coastal

  • Western

  • Modern Farmhouse

  • Rustic

  • Vintage

Of those, the top three most searched interior design terms were Victorian in 10 states; Bohemian in nine states; and Contemporary, in seven states.

Industrial and Shabby Chic came in fourth and fifth, with six and five states, respectively. Traditional and Mid-Century modern tied with three states each. Art Deco, Transitional and Western were the most-searched styles in two states, each, and Coastal, Modern Farmhouse and Vintage each took one state.

Two of the styles searched -- rustic and casual modern -- weren't among the top searches in any state.


Looking at the second most-searched term, Bohemian and Victorian once again topped the list, coming in No. 2 in 13 and 7 states, respectively.

Mid-Century Modern came in third, leading in five states as the second most-searched style term.


Victorian once again topped the list of third most-searched term, in 10 states. This time around, though, Modern Farmhouse, Traditional and Transitional all saw significant gains in their rankings.

State by State: #1 Most Searched Style

Alabama: Bohemian

Alaska: Bohemian

Arizona: Traditional

Arkansas: Shabby Chic

California: Transitional

Colorado: Industrial

Connecticut: Victorian

Delaware: Victorian

Florida: Contemporary

Georgia: Bohemian

Hawaii: Traditional

Idaho: Shabby Chic

Illinois: Contemporary

Indiana: Victorian

Iowa: Industrial

Kansas: Contemporary

Kentucky: Traditional

Louisiana: Shabby Chic

Maine: Victorian

Maryland: Contemporary

Massachusetts: Transitional

Michigan: Industrial

Minnesota: Mid-Century Modern

Mississippi: Shabby Chic

Missouri: Victorian

Montana: Bohemian

Nebraska: Victorian

Nevada: Victorian

New Hampshire: Bohemian

New Jersey: Bohemian

New Mexico: Art Deco

New York: Contemporary

North Carolina: Bohemian

North Dakota: Bohemian

Ohio: Industrial

Oklahoma: Vintage

Oregon: Industrial

Pennsylvania: Victorian

Rhode Island: Victorian

South Carolina: Coastal

South Dakota: Western

Tennessee: Shabby Chic

Texas: Contemporary

Utah: Modern Farmhouse

Vermont: Victorian

Virginia: Contemporary

Washington: Mid-Century Modern

West Virginia: Bohemian

Wisconsin: Industrial

Wyoming: Western

Do you agree with your state's style? Let us know in the comments below!

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