3 L.A. Food Celebrations You'll Want to Buy a Plane Ticket For

Los Angeles is known for Hollywood, beaches, and food. So it's no surprise that those who call southern California home have dreamt up some wildly fantastic themes for food festivals. While there are many different sustenance celebrations throughout the year in L.A., since August is here, check out our three best picks for you.

1. BrunchCon

Do you love brunch? No, really, do you love brunch? If the answer is yes, then you need to book your tickets immediately to Los Angeles' second annual BrunchCon. This two-day festival is devoted to all things brunch, and will be hosted on August 12 and 13 at the Reef in downtown Los Angeles. 50 vendors will appear and offer world-class options ranging from Nutella sandwiches to chicken and waffle bites. Of course, there will also be an open mimosa bar, an open bloody mary bar and an open vodka soda bar to cover all your basic brunch cocktail needs.

Admission is $65 and will include one tasting from ever vendor and open bar (that means three full drinks!). If you want to go whole hog, there are VIP tickets for $95 which include everything the basic entrance ticket does plus a gift bag and access to a lounge.

Tickets are available on EventbriteThe Reef, 1933 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, brunchcon.com.

2. Gyoza Party

This is not your typical party. However, if your idea of a fiesta somehow involves eating enough gyoza to fill the trunk of your car, then this event is for you. On August 26th, the 77th Los Angeles Nisei Week Japanese Festival in Little Tokyo begins. As part of this celebration, you can attend the 11th Day-Lee Foods World Gyoza Eating Championship. This Major League Eating sanctioned event is a simple concept that involves contestants eating as many gyoza as possible in 10 minutes. 

The current reigning champion is hot dog champ Joey Chestnut, who managed 384 gyoza in 2014. 

Sadly, you can no longer register to compete, but you can absolutely still go and witness these professional eaters try and take down as many gyoza as possible. Plus, admission is free.

Any expenditures will benefit the Nisei Week Foundation, www.niseiweek.org.

3. California Vegetarian Food Festival

This festival is a gathering place for both devoted vegetarians and those who are just curious about a plant-based lifestyle. Either way, you should check out the two-day  California Vegetarian Food Festival on Sept. 16 and 17. Brought to you by the founders of U.S. Veg Corp, you can sample food, learn about vegetarian and eco-friendly lifestyles, listen to live music, or just go people watch. 

Early bird tickets are $10. One-day general admission tickets are $20 if purchased in advance, but $30 if you wait to buy them at the door. At $50 for one day and $75 for two days, the VIP level offers you a goody bag, drink tickets, and a few other extras.  Ages 10 and younger get in for free. Raleigh Studios, 5300 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, www.cavegfoodfest.com.

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