This Whiskey Set Is a #1 Best Seller and Perfect for Your Favorite Whiskey Fiend

Whiskey tastes fantastic out of almost every vessel, but there's nothing like the experience of pulling the stopper out of a decanter after a very long day and slowly pouring a nightcap into a rocks glass. A mason jar gets the job done on most days, but this 7-piece whiskey set from Bormioli Rocco makes even Evan Williams Green feel luxurious.

There are benefits to using rocks glasses, of course, and most stem from the concept of being able to fully smell the bouquet of your whiskey. Like wine, whiskey lives in the nose and on the tongue. This decanter set comes with one 33-ounce decanter and six 9-ounce rocks glasses.


You'll always have enough for company, and for the affordable price of $17.06, this whole 7-piece set can be yours. Crafted in Italy, the decanter and glasses feature a starburst pattern that's both modern and classic.

The entire set is dishwasher safe, which is a huge plus, and is made of quality, heavy cut glass.


The value of this set speaks for itself, and the whole set received 4.4 stars of 5 on Amazon, averaged from 986 reviews. The numbers don't lie.

Nurb, an Amazon user, rated this set with five stars and wrote,

I was getting tired of drinking whiskey right out of the bottle. So, I decided to class up my life and buy this gift set FOR MYSELF. Turned out to be an excellent choice. I don't believe you will find a better set for the price. The decanter and glasses arrived in perfect condition. They have since provided a nice temporary home for my whiskey as it waits to be poured down into my thirsty gullet.

James W., an Amazon user, also rated this set with five stars and wrote,

Why drink from a $1 wallyworld glass when you can drink in style? This decanter and glass set is the real deal. I can't believe how cheap it cost. The glasses have weight to them and feel sturdy. The designs are really good looking.

For anyone wondering, no, whiskey doesn't spoil in a decanter. At the distillery, where they produce the whiskey, they don't care if oxygen gets into the bottle. You are totally safe to store your expensive scotch or whiskey or bourbon in this decanter for months on end without the taste spoiling.

I bought this for myself, but really this is a great gift for any man in your life.

We agree with James, except for one thing. The woman in your life would love this set, too. Take it from me.

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