This Tokyo Internship Encourages You to Drink on the Job

At most workplaces, if you're caught drinking on the job, you're likely to wind up getting the boot out the door. That's not the case, however, at this Tokyo IT firm. No need to wait until 5 o'clock here, because the beer intern is encouraged to work, beer in hand.

As a beer intern for Japanese web developer Technomobile, you'll be working on real web development assignments rather than spending the day doing coffee runs or answering phones. Using the Ruby on Rails application, you'll be completing real web development assignments for the company.

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So where does the beer come into play? At Technomobile, they understand the challenges and frustrations that can come with the territory while you're learning the ropes.

In an attempt to let the intern explore the world of Technomobile in a more relaxed setting, the intern is allowed - or more so encouraged - to drink a beer while getting down to business.

This way, the intern can get to work and be able to more easily assess if they're a good fit with the company. If more jobs did that, you have to wonder to what extent the employee satisfaction ratings would climb.

With no traditional education requirements, it seems like anyone is a likely candidate for the position. The only kicker is you have to be 25 or older, and have at least on year's web experience in either open source development or web server construction - also speaking Japanese probably helps.

After all, it's an IT job with beer as a perk. Smart, considering an older age restriction may enhance the possibility that the privilege won't be abused.

If you find you meet these requirements, get your application into Technomobile by April 20th.


If all goes well, you'll find that you're a fit and be offered full-time employment. Interns that wind up sticking around can find themselves in positions such as a system engineer or programmer.

While you may have to kick the beer at work habit once fully employed, it's a detail you'd have to work out with your boss.

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This isn't the first internship, however, to offer beer on the job. The World of Beer hires three "Drink It" interns on what appears to be a yearly basis to do nothing other than drink beer. Hopping around from brewery to brewery, your job is to report back to WOB and share your story. Not a bad day at the office.

If your day job is starting to look rather bleak right about now, maybe you can use your expertise to apply for one of these internships and bring happiness back into the workplace. Or at least find a decent after-work happy hour.

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