This Texas Brewery Made a Beer that Tastes Like Instant Ramen

We no longer need a styrofoam Cup O' Noodles and a can of Natty Ice to bring back those nostalgic college days of being broke and skipping class to party. Sigh, those were the days. There is now a beverage that encapsulates this very essence. Texas-based brewery The Collective Brewing Project has given us a reason to celebrate our favorite instant ramen with their new release Cup O' Beer.

Appealing to the adult in you, Cup O' Beer is a slightly tart gose that tastes like your homemade doctored up ramen bowl. The beer features a chef's notes of ginger, lemongrass, lime, and coriander, and is brewed with a whopping 55 pounds of ramen noodles - I'd hate to be the guy/gal emptying all those ramen packs.

Hmm...wonder what we're gonna do with all this ramen??? . . . #CupOBeer #ComingSoon #TheCollectiveBrewingProject #Ramen #Beer

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The beer released earlier in June is selling at a ramen priced bargain for $7 per 500-milliliter bottle.

The limited-release can be found at the brewery and select locations throughout their distribution in Texas.

If you're feeling nostalgic, grab a bottle and pair with your favorite ramen recipe. While we wouldn't normally condone this behavior, ditch your real bowl and beer glassware for styrofoam - just for old time's sake.

There's just something about ramen and beer that screams the comforts of home.

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