This Easy Kombucha Starter Kit Makes Brewing Your Own Super Simple

Kombucha is insanely delicious, but let's face it, it's not so easy on the pocket book. With the average bottle ranging $3-$5, picking up a habit of delicious kombucha drinking is costly. That's why you should brew your own with the Get Kombucha Starter Kit. The Kombucha Starter Kit comes fully loaded with all the ingredients needed to brew your first batch of great tasting kombucha right in your very own kitchen.

Kombucha is a refreshing fermented tea full of probiotics that the body loves. When you learn how to make your own, you not only save money, but you can experiment with an endless array of flavors. Getting started with brewing kombucha, however, can be intimidating.

Let Get Kombucha take the intimidation out of the process with their starter kit designed to show you the ropes and let you loose on the homemade kombucha world. The best part? You don't even have to go to a kombucha shop!


For $48.95,  you can get the certified organic Get Kombucha Kit that comes with enough ingredients for two gallons of kombucha and 120 grams of organic kombucha tea blend which produces 80 gallons of kombucha.

That's eight times the amount you get in other kits! Think of all the organic tea, the starter tea, you can give your friends. Just stock up on your organic cane sugar to add some sweetness to your great kombucha creation.

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In terms of a kombucha brewing starter, the home-brew kit also features a 6.5-inch organic SCOBY, which is the largest USDA culture in North America when it comes to a kombucha SCOBY. Now that's some serious home brewing from a brewing starter kit!

Plus, as a bonus when purchasing with Amazonyou get twice the accessories and kombucha brewing supplies with this kombucha brewing kit - but for a limited time! Now that's a steal, especially when it means you don't have to seek out a specialty kombucha shop.

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Inspiring over 40,000 kombucha culture enthusiasts to start making kombucha tea, this Kombucha Starter Kit has been helping brewers since 2006 - and with rave reviews! The step instructions are easy to understand and are perfect for continuous brewing even once you have a finished kombucha product.

You'll want to start stocking up on tea bags and glass jars right now because once you start, the health benefits will convince you to not stop. While it's important to support your local health store and purchase fair trade supplies, high quality kombucha doesn't need to be impossible to find.

Get Kombucha is so dedicated to helping out kombucha brewers that they offer lifetime customer support with the purchase of the kit. Talk about customer service! In order to make the product even simpler, the kit comes with easy step-by-step illustrated directions.

With the Kombucha Starter Kit, you'll become a kombucha brewing expert in no time with this great little product kit. So quit wasting money on expensive store-bought bottles and order your starter kit today!