Fake Starbucks 'Secret Menu' Drink Hilariously Pranks Us All

Secret menus make little-to-no-sense. If you want to sell something, you should probably just put it on the menu. Speakeasies fall into this same bucket of confusion and trendiness. Why is it "cooler" to go somewhere that isn't what it's supposed to be? Why is it "cool" to buy something that's not on the menu? We digress, and it's a good thing we do because something funny and secret menu-related just happened. It's a Starbucks fake drink prank, and it's hilarious.

Twitter user Laylah lives in Ohio. We've only ever passed through Ohio, but we've seen our fair share of Starbuckses (can we say that?) in the state. Regardless of where Laylah lives, she knows it's trendy to take a picture of your Starbucks beverage. And post it everywhere.

Riffing on this, Laylah uploads pictures of a secret Starbucks menu item. It's called a frappajappajooza, and it's completely fake.

Unlike the Unicorn Frappuccino's unfortunate foundation in reality, the frappajappajooza isn't on the secret menu. What it is, though, is blue Gatorade poured into a Starbucks cup. Genius.

Secret menu items and complex Starbucks orders are puzzlingly on-trend. When Laylah Snapchatted her frappajappajooza out to all of her friends, their reactions were priceless.

"Is that an actual thing," one friend asked.

"Yes secret menu," Laylah replied. It's almost too funny.

Like any normal person would, Laylah grabbed screenshots of the ordeal and posted them to Twitter. There are currently 358 thousand likes and 97 thousand retweets on her post. We're not joking.

As trends come and go, we hope to see more people fall prey to such clever tricks. Any time a dad pranks a daughter or a friend pranks a friend, we find it funny. Convince your pal that a speakeasy is just behind that dumpster. Show your mom the best new secret menu item at McDonald's. We'll be here hoping that none of it actually exists.

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