This San Diego Craft Distillery is Turning Food Bank Waste into Vodka

Do you ever wonder what happens to food waste from the local food bank? Sounds crazy, I know, but it happens. Those leftover baked goods donated from charitable business' don't always get gobbled up entirely. Doing their part to help solve that problem is San Diego based distillery Misadventure & Company Baguettes, donuts, Ho Hos, Twinkies, and anything along the lines of baked goods that go, well, wasted, winds up in this distillery's vodka.

Misadventure Vodka is the company's answer to battling food waste. Taking baked goods that even local food banks can't serve, founders Whit Rigali and Samuel Chereskin are producing hedonistic sustainable spirits. What is hedonistic sustainability? In their words it's "the idea that you don't have to punish yourself to do good." Combining the "leave no trace" motto with the indulgence of spirits drinking, Misadventure & Co is creating a product that makes you feel good, while feeling good about drinking it.

While the company could take surplus baked goods straight from the business itself and toss it in their mash, they went a step further and opted for the leftovers from local San Diego food banks that were at a complete loss. After the food bank, there is no food interception - it's the landfill from there.

Misadventure & Co is giving a third life to that food by turning it into a consumable product. The usable starches inside all those carb-filled baked goods can be converted into sugar. And that, my friends, means it can be food for alcohol producing microscopic yeast.

With every sip of their craft vodka, you can feel good knowing you are doing your part to combat food waste. Each year America spends $218 billion in 50-60 million tons of food that will wind up in the landfill. That's not exactly a small number. Using up precious resources, this large quantity of wasted food is not only effecting our food supply, but our environment as well. By intercepting food that has no where to go but the landfill, Misadventure & Co is doing their part to reduce that impact.

Misadventure & Co.

Misadventure & Co isn't the only vodka distiller taking action against this worldwide issue. As the battle against food waste continues, the beverage industry has stepped up to the plate. Scotland based distillery Ogilvy is producing vodka from potatoes to ugly to be sold in the market.

Toast Ale is brewing beer out of surplus bread. Trash Tiki in London is serving up zero-waste cocktails. Actually, with the combination of their cocktail recipes and Misadventure & Co vodka, you can have a complete zero-waste cocktail.

Thanks to all these do-gooders, we have yet another reason to imbibe. So go on, "have your cake and drink it to."

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