Stone Brewing Successfully Brewed Beer from 100 Percent Recycled Water

Stone Brewing is San Diego's largest craft brewery. Angling to continue their reputation for sustainability and quality, the company debuted a new beer made with 100 percent recycled water last week at its Stone World Bistro and Gardens-Liberty Station.

As the Times of San Diego reports, Stone -- the brewery behind the ever-popular Arrogant Bastard Ale, among other top-notch brews -- made five barrels of the beer with water from the nearby Pure Water demonstration plant in Miramar.

"Stone has a long history of sustainability," said Chief Operating Officer Pat Tiernan. He also praised the fact that this project's success means breweries could be less dependent on a fruitful water supply in the future.

Chris Jennewein via the Times of San Diego

California brewers have faced difficulties in recent years maintaining a steady source of usable water, given the lengthy drought conditions the Golden State has weathered in recent years.

The project is part of the city of San Diego's $3 billion project to get a full third of its water from recycling, with a goal of 30 million gallons per day by 2021.

This is a huge step in both the craft beer world and for sustainability in general, especially in the West where drought is a consistent worry.

We hope more breweries take note and test these means for their own creations.

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