This Prosecco Van Will Revolutionize Your Wedding and Your Life

What if we told you there was a classy way to reinvent the open bar idea at your wedding, or any event for that matter? What if we said you could serve yourself glass after glass of sparkling wines such as prosecco from a hole in a truck? This may sound like a dream, but here at Wide Open Eats, we don't play. There's no time for jokes when it comes to open bars and prosecco, and thankfully there's a company that feels the same exact way. Welcome to the prosecco van.

For years and years, we've all been to countless bars in or outside of weddings and special events where they have countless beers on tap. As for the wine lovers? You typically are stuck with whatever basic house red or house white wine available, an let's face it: they're not exactly what you're expecting. The mobile prosecco van is here to serve cold prosecco and fill your heart with joy as you celebrate special occasions in style!

Luckily, wheels get reinvented when geniuses unite, and that's the case behind Bubble Bros LTD., based in London. Instead of the basic, run-of-the-mill bars you'll see at weddings and similar events, these guys have added a little flare with their mobile prosecco bar. By that, we mean the sparkling wine bar is on the side of a van. Think food trucks for alcohol on tap, if you will.

To break it down into understandable terms, these guys have taken a three-wheeled Piaggio Ape, better known and recognized as a three-wheeled truck, and placed taps within a side cutout of said truck to dispense all of the sparkling wine and prosecco that your heart could ever desire. This is better than any ice cream vans we've seen around. 

Believe it or not, the fun doesn't stop there. Not only do they have this truck/van hybrid at your convenience; they also have a 'bubble bike', which is exactly what it sounds like -- a sidecar bar on the back of a three-wheeled motorcycle. All serve precisely chilled prosecco and make the perfect accompaniment to any activity, from garden parties to weddings to baby showers. 

If you're looking to take your wedding or next social gathering to the next level, the Bubble Bros have your back -- that is if you live in the UK. While business is bustling, they're constantly expanding their reach. Who knows; maybe soon they'll franchise to a place near you! Hey, one can only hope.

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