This Pizza Roll Dispenser Will Delight the Secret Junk Food Fan in You

If you've ever stumbled into your kitchen with a hankering for some pizza bites, this new idea, nay . . . invention, may be for you. Straight from the Imgur account of reanimatedus is a revolutionary video that is sure to change the pizza bites game from here on out. Rather than having ice in their ice dispenser, they traded out the cubes with pizza bites merely due to convenience.

The video, which states, "Because I use this more than ice", showcases just how reanimatedus uses his newly invented pizza bite-maker, if you will.

Long gone are the days of shuffling around different frozen fruits and vegetables to get to your golden box of pizza bites gently nestled in the very back corner.

Never again will you have to wonder just how many bites you may have left, if any. Simply press the ice button on your freezer door, and alas lays your sweet, sweet treasures; your pizza bites.

The pizza gods will look down upon you, radiating with joy, as you bite into each pizza bite, one by one, taking in everything that they are.

You'll enjoy them even more knowing how crafty and skilled you were in creating (or following in the footstep of those who have created) a freezer door that dispenses pizza bites instead of ice. Who really needs ice more than pizza bites, anyways?

Find a recipe for a spicy fondue dip for those Totino's pizza rolls here.

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