No Ink Necessary: The Wink Pens Write with Wine, Juice, or Tea

Stuck without a pen at the coffee shop? Fear no more. The Wink Pen is a beautiful, hand-crafted, glass fountain pen that uses "alternative inks" wine, coffee, tea, juice, you name it.

The Wink Pen -- a shortening of "wine as ink" -- was created with sustainability in mind; an opportunity to do away with the boxes and boxes of disposable pens we use up or, more often, lose.

Do you have a liquid with a staining property? Wink can use it.

The pen's borosilicate glass barrel is crafted to work with low-viscosity (thin) fluids, to prevent spillage or spotting. It's essentially a hybrid between a dip pen and a fountain pen.

It has a reservoir that can be filled, but also manually fed. The ink refill system is a snap to use and can be taken apart for easy cleaning, as well as refilling the reservoir.

It's also modularly designed, so it's easy to take apart, clean, then snap back together, not to mention refill. It's even made in the United States, from Winkpens home base of Portland, Oregon.

Ready to get writing? Get yours here.

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