This Mom Has a Warning for Others After a Harrowing IKEA Experience

Mothers and fathers worldwide know how difficult it is to raise children. With the current state of the world, one could argue it's never been scarier to be a parent. There are seemingly endless lists of new dangers popping up that seemingly didn't exist before.

Gone are the days when kids would run free from dawn til dusk. In the United States, truly safe places for kids to wander unattended are few and far between. This isn't a parenting issue by any means.

Rather, it's outside forces that are becoming more and more sinister. Diandra Toyos recently shared a harrowing IKEA experience on Facebook that could send shivers down any parent's spine.

I wanted to share this again publicly in case any of you want to share with your mom friends... I've added some details...

Posted by Diandra Toyos on Thursday, March 23, 2017

Diandra, her three children, and Diandra's mother went to IKEA to peruse through the couch section. As Diandra's two older children were playing around the store, the smallest child close to her in a sling, she and her mother noticed a well-dressed man lingering nearby.

He didn't seem to go away. In fact, as the Toyos family moved, the man moved too. This unknown man threw many furtive glances their way and, in shark-like, predatory fashion, started circling them.

Diandra and her mother felt this man's presence. Increasingly aware of his strange, ultimately unnatural behavior, things became even more complicated as they noticed a twenty-something man circling them as well. Both men had their eyes toward the family at all times, sending Diandra and her mother into a defensive state of mild panic.

Facebook: Diandra Toyos

The women's guts told them these men had impure intentions. While Diandra, her mother, and the children escaped unscathed, they truly believe the men were in the business of human trafficking. Speculation is speculation, but when a mother's instinct kicks in, there's no arguing the fact that she can sense real danger.

Whether you take Diandra's story as fact or fiction, you must admit that it is a bit eerie. Her maternal instinct kicked in, they ensured the children remained safe, and they notified an employee of the unsettling encounter. Long story short, being aware is the first step to being safe.

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