This Man Swears Budweiser Is the Best Car Cleaner Around

Beer doesn't mix well with cars. There are dozens of hundreds of thousands of reasons to keep beer far away from motorized vehicles of any kind. You know this. What you may not know, though, is one incredible new reason that you may want a bottle of beer and your car to come in incredibly close contact. No, we're not drinking or smashing here. We're washing cars.

The shirtless man you're about to see is named Simon. Simon swears Budweiser is the best car cleaner you can find. You know Budweiser as the self-proclaimed king of beers. Simon, in all of his giddy, shirtless glory, wants you to know that the beer is also the king of car shampoos.

After brandishing a bottle of Bud heavy and his bottle opener, Simon pops the top off of the beer. (His own top has clearly been popped off long before recording started.) "Look at that, look at the ... look at the shampoo. The car shampoo coming out of the bottle. The ultimate one pound seventy-five car cleaner you will ever find in the shops," Simon proclaims as foam runs down the neck of the bottle.

You need one bucket, one sponge, and a bottle of Bud to start. You can pour as much beer into the bucket as you'd like. Simon doesn't want to pour his whole beer, as he's going to use it for other purposes later. Our guess is that he's going to drink it, and we do not think it'll be the first beer he's had that day.

Simon's instructions are simple: "So get it on the car. Just get it on."

And oh does Simon ever get it on. He uses Budweiser to clean the exterior of the car. It's also great for your windows, according to him. You'll want to find the scene in which he cleans his windshield.

Let's just say it involves a grown man in stretchy underpants and sneakers climbing onto the car of his hood and dumping beer all over the glass. Or something like that. (Spoiler alert: There's also an incredibly high-quality aerial view of this.)

Does it work? We'll let you decide. One thing we do know, however, is that Simon thinks it's good for cars and hair. "And of course the best thing for Budweiser, of all things, is to clean your hair on it," he says as he dumps the rest of the bottle onto his head. What a treat.

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