This Japanese Spa Has a Pool of Red Wine for Lounging

Bath bombs are a relatively recent trend. They can turn tub time from clear, soapy, and regular to a veritable rainbow of exuberant cleanliness. What they don't do, however, is get you drunk.

That's where Japan's Yunessun Spa Resort comes in. We're pleased to introduce you to a new concept: an entire pool of red wine. If you're rubbing your eyes, imagining that you've just read something incorrectly, you're mistaken. Whether you're unfortunately or fortunately mistaken depends on your preference of red vs. white, we suppose.

We do remember, however, reading something many moons ago about how skin is in fact an organ. And, as is the case with most organs, there's a somewhat permeable quality to skin.

The curiosities of Yunessun Spa Resort don't stop at red wine, though. They have coffee baths, pools of green tea, and a noodle pool filled with so-called pepper-water.

Noodles and coffee not your style? How does a pool filled with sake sound?

Coffee ☕️☕️??

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Whether you want to get drunk, get a quick caffeine buzz, or absorb a little bit of pepper-water into your system, it's all possible at this spa theme park of sorts in the Hakone prefecture.

If you do choose to travel to Japan to see the many wondrous waters of Yunessun, be sure to catch the coffee and wine pouring ceremonies. Oh, and you might want to figure out what this is too ...

Perhaps you should wear a head-to-toe wet suit before diving into that pool option. Regardless of what's floating in your pool (or what you're floating in), Yunessun continuously gets good reviews on TripAdvisor.

We want to believe them, but the whole scenario has us feeling like we're drowning in, well, a pool of red wine.

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