This Is What It Takes to Make a Gluttonous 1,000,000-Calorie Lasagna

Around the world, ambitious groups of food lovers are on a constant quest to beat the world record when it comes to the largest plate or bowl of anything and everything edible. But only a group of meat and cheese loving dudes would feel compelled to create the one million calorie lasagna. Inspired by what we can only assume was a mind altering substance, the monstrosity created by Epic Meal Time takes the cake for the most glutinous Italian dish ever invented.

Layers upon layers upon layers of meat, cheese, fat, and pasta are stuffed into a stainless steal box so big, it barely fits in the industrial kitchen oven. Looking at the ingredients list, this might also be the most expensive lasagna known to man.

Take a look at the ingredients breakdown: 9 pasta sheets, 120 packs of bacon, 60 packs of duck fat, 100 pounds ground pork, 16 bottles of rose sauce, 15 bricks lard, 5 bricks butter, 8 wheels of brie, and of course 10 bags mozzarella.

Strong language and euphemisms: Not intended for children.

Making it rain bacon and stacking on the wheels of cheese, this lasagna is serious business. So serious that if you can't take the heat in the kitchen, then cook outside in the snow. These guys better sweat, because they're counting their calories.

Just take a look at the calorie breakdown: 52,323 calories sheets pasta, 308,632 calories bacon, 596,622 calories pork, 791,335 calories lard, 471,632 calories duck fat, 865,644 calories butter, 995,771 calories brie, 1, 014,721 calories mozzarella - okay, so it's a bit over one million calories.

You've got to hand it to them, they did make their own fresh pasta by hand. That's some true dedication. Dig in guys!

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