Watch What Happens When People Drink Food NOT Meant to be Juiced

Anyone who owns a juicer understands the obsession that takes hold when purchasing their new toy. There's an overwhelming need to take all the produce in the kitchen and liquefy it, which practically sends you on a raw juice diet. Before you know it a grappling curiosity takes hold, and suddenly, you've gone too far. This is precisely the case with the BuzzFeedVideo juicing experiment.

Rounding up a few test subjects, they decided to see what would happen when you juice foods that have no business in liquid form. Placing a mystery blend in front of the panel, each had to guess what horrible food they were consuming. Smell, taste, and texture, one can only assume how foul these juices turned out.

So what did they use? Let's just say if someone gave me juiced Flamin' Hot Cheetos, I would question our friendship.

You've got to love this guy. The juiced cinnamon roll sent him into a mind-blowing epiphany that the taste of cinnamon is automatically associated with apples. Should you drink it in juice form though? No. You shouldn't juice anything but produce.

Especially string cheese. If I was the juicer, I'd watch may back around the office.

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