The Secret of Making the Best Fried Pickles Is in the Seasoning

Crispy on the outside and bursting with briny soaked goodness on the inside, fried pickles are addicting. It's the appetizer on every menu you can't avoid - especially when downing a few cold ones with your pals. Craving the taste and texture, making the best fried pickles at home requires only a few steps. Not everyone, however, is a master at the frying art. Some attempts turn out soggy, some get burnt, and others tastes like a vat of grease.

Even if you've nailed down the fry time for the exquisitely pickled cucumbers, there's still the matter of flavor. Leave out a few key ingredients and you may as well eat the pickles slices by their lonesome. Which lets face it, sliced dill pickles are good, but fried are even better.

Here to show us the ropes when it comes to deep fried pickles, Food Network has revealed their trick-of-the-trade when it comes to making the best fried pickles. The secret? It's all in the seasoning.

Take your flour and toss in some cajun seasoning, add some Italian seasoning to the mix, a dash of salt, and of course, a pinch of cayenne. Then simply add water and stir.

Coat the pickles then toss the rounds into peanut oil heated to 375°F. Fry one to two minutes, and voila! You, my friend, can now gorge yourself on the best pickles to have every graced your presence straight from the paper towels laid down to soak up the extra grease.

For the dipping? Everyone has their favorites. Whether you take Food Network's word for it and whip up a mayo-ketchup hybrid, or create your own fancy concoction using hot sauce and teaspoon salt, either way you have the ultimate fried pickle for the dipping.

Oh, and a little word of advice. When frying pickles, remember, oil temperature is key. Too cold and the pickles won't reach their ultimate crispy, golden brown texture. Too hot, and the oil has gone beyond its smoking point causing it to generate toxic fumes and free radicals.

Keeping peanut oil at 375°F, however, now that's just right.

Fried pickle slices are a delight across the country from San Francisco to Dallas to New York to Memphis to Chicago to Philadelphia (shout out to Fishtown) to Denver to Seattle and, well, you get the point.

Now you know how the favorite fried pickles of dill pickle lovers are born. Do you make yours differently? Let us know on Facebook!

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