This Guy Avoided Festival Beer Lines by Burying 100 Cans Beforehand

Tired of paying outrageous prices for beer at festivals? You could do what this guy did and bury your beer. Planning for the three day Electric Picnic Music and Arts Festival in Ireland, 32 year-old Paul Kavangh came up with a clever scheme to avoid the hassle of sneaking beer through security by burying 100 beer cans around Stradbally Field.

Before event staff secured the location to begin setup, Kavangh took to hiding his beer cans all around the area. Digging holes and finding any spot that looked like it could conceal a beer, Kavangh busily distributed his stash across festival grounds.

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While there's no concrete beer map for his hidden treasure, Kavangh is pretty sure he'll be able to sniff them all out.

There's no telling how long it took to hide 100 beer cans. While most would rather fork out the dough than spend all that time burying cans - that quite possibly may never be found - for Kavangh it was an ingenious idea. Kavangh reported to WW News,

"This way, we can just collect our cans throughout the day whenever we feel like it. Chill out, hear our favourite bands, have a bit of a rock-out, and just dig up a wee hole and grab a few more cans as and when we need them. No queueing for a month at the drinks tent. No staying in the camping section drinking cos you can't take your cans in with you. Just a lovely wee treasure hunt and loads and loads of wonderful, slightly muddy cans".

Spend time waiting in line with an empty beer while you're missing your favorite band? Not for this guy and his pals. Or, quite possibly, anyone that stumbles upon his plethora of beer.

Sounds like Kavangh could have used a beirsafe - or fifty. Once other beer imbibing festival-goers catch wind of the secret hidden beer treasure, there's no telling how many holes will be dug in the ground. That is, if they can even find the cans in an endless sea of people and stages.

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