This Glow-In-the-Dark Bocce Ball Set is a Must-Have for Warm Nights

If there is only one lawn game you need this summer, it's glow-in-the-dark bocce ball. Why let all the fun end at night fall when you can play in the dark? With the Water Sports Bocce Ball Set, the fun can continue into the warm summer night, building memories of Bocce Ball madness.

The Water Sports Bocce Ball Set is designed to let you play in the day and long into the night. When it's warm outside and you don't want the fun to end you and you're friends will go crazy over the lighted set. With backyard BBQ and bonfire season on the rise, order your set from Amazon Prime for under $34 so you won't miss one moment of fun.


The Bocce Ball Set contains six illuminated balls as well as one illuminated marker ball so you and your partner can see the next move even when the sun goes down. Each ball contains an on/off switch, so if you play during the day you won't waste precious battery life.

Simply use a coin to turn the switch and you're ready to play in the dark. The set also features a carrying case for easy travel, so if you want to bring it to the next bonfire or camp outing, you'll be ready to go.

When it's warm out and the fireflies are buzzing, your friends will be ecstatic to participate in a competitive round. Cookouts, bonfires, and camping trips just got a whole lot better with this bocce ball set.

When your building memories this summer, you'll want to have the Water Sports Bocce Ball Set. Why let all the fun stop in the day when the party keeps going? Providing hours of entertainment well into the night, it's the only game you need for the ultimate summer night.

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