This Girl Got a Bouquet of Chicken Nuggets Because Dreams Are Real

If you're among the millions of American men and women scrambling today to find a semi-late Valentine's Day gift for the ones you love, look no further than Annika Aguinaldo and Rico Villanueva, 19-year-old sweethearts living in the Philippines.

The couple's first time hanging out was at a McDonald's, and the couple has continued this trend, treating one another to fast-food treats.

Villanueva, however, really stepped up his game.


A few weeks ago, Villanueva asked Aguinaldo to meet him for a surprise; when she arrived, he presented her with a beautiful bouquet -- of chicken nuggets.

Aguinaldo, never a fan of flowers, said she'd joked in the past with Villanueva about preferring a bouquet of chicken, but never thought he'd make her dream come true.


And, since we know you're wondering ... yes, they ate them (after the requisite photo shoot).

Now that's how it's done, fellas. Ladies, if you need an idea, check out the Broquet - it's the gift that keeps on giving.

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