This Dog Wants Dish Duty More Than Anything in the World

Doing the dishes isn't a hard chore. This is especially true when you compare it to alternatives (e.g. raking leaves). For homes that have a dishwasher, this task defines simple. As you'll see in a moment, though, some homes define "dishwasher" a little bit differently than others.

At first, it may seem like Champ the German Shorthaired Pointer is incredibly adamant about earning his allowance this month. By the time filming begins, he's already approached the sink on two legs in true human fashion. The way he chooses to "clean" the dishes, though, is quite the opposite of human-like.

Unable to use thumbs, Champ is forced to use his face to clean the dishes. The longer he cleans, the less the process seems like cleaning. Soon, you'll realize that this dish-washing dog isn't washing dishes at all. Rather, he appears to be scavenging for a plate to lick or some scraps to nibble on.

In true "it wasn't me" fashion, Champ looks up to see his owner filming him, puts on the puppy eyes, and trots away from the sink. While we'll probably never know his true intentions, what we do know is this: Catching your dog doing something he or she isn't supposed to be doing on camera is now and always will be simply delightful.

Find the full video here.

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