Meet ReGrained, the Company Turning Beer Waste into Granola Bars

In addition to moving the American brewing tradition forward to new and exciting places, U.S. craft brewers are also some of the most interested in sustainable production and manufacturing. Take, for instance, ReGrained, a California-based startup transforming the usually-wasted byproducts of beer brewing into delicious -- and sustainable -- granola bars.

ReGrained cofounders and creators Daniel Kurzrock and Jordan Schwartz, a duo of UCLA grads, first discovered a love for homebrewing beer as undergraduates. They also learned just how much "used" grain piles up, and is usually tossed, in the home- and craft-brewing process.


Or, as they tell it on their site,

"We were only making 5 gallons of beer at a time, less than one the volume of a standard keg, but each brew day produced approximately cafeteria sized batch of oatmeal. We understood that the sugar from the grain was somehow being turned into fresh barleypop, but what about the grain? What the heck were we supposed to do with that stuff?? And there was a lot of it!"

Lacking a compost heap or a stable of farm animals to which to feed the spent grains, Schwartz and Kurzrock tipped into the dumpster bucket after bucket of oatmeal and malts.

That is until one day, inspiration struck. Why not use those leftover grains to bake bread?


After a few months baking dozens of loaves a week, a long, labor-intensive process, this dynamic duo shifted their focus to granola bars, and they haven't looked back since.

ReGrained bars come in two flavors, Honey-Cinnamon IPA and Chocolate-Coffee Stout, all made using spent grains from local breweries. Heck, even the wrapper is compostable!

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