This Company Installed a Champagne Button on Every Desk

One London real estate developer is set to revolutionize the workplace by installing "Bring Champagne" buttons on the desks of business tenants in its newest high-end office space. As Fortune reports, developer Enstar Capital is offering the amenity to renters in its four-story 40 Beak Street building.

The bubbly will be delivered via dumbwaiter from the ground-floor Sticks'n'Sushi restaurant, which will also offer on-demand cocktails, sushi, caviar and other haute couture snacks. The inspiration comes from Soho celebrity hotspot Bob Bob Ricard, which features "Press for Champagne" buttons at every table.

Plans also call for spa-style washrooms, built to emulate those at the Manhattan Gansevoort Park Avenue hotel, uniformed valet staff and private terraces and balconies.

According to The Evening Standard, The refurbished space will run 550 pounds ($688) per square foot -- in the price range of luxury condos, not office spaces. Construction has begun on the 15 million-pound ($19,177,575) structure, set for completion in March 2018.

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