Once You See Cake Dispense Wine, You Won't Want a Regular Birthday Cake Again

Do you like wine? We're assuming you do. We won't ask if you like cake; it's safe to say that you and cake "like like" each other. What about purses? For some people, wine, cake, and hand bags are the holy trinity of pleasure. Cake and wine are synonymous with luxury and happiness (try to argue against that one), and purses can make a statement.

They can make or break an ensemble. We've discovered one such purse, a statement purse, that's curiously shaped like a birthday cake. Not only is it shaped like a cake, it actually is a cake. Oh, and this birthday cake dispenses wine.

According to The Nottingham Post, the "designer" behind this cake is Demi Salt. The 23-year-old started baking a year and a half ago.

Her friend's mom wanted a designer bag for her birthday, but the bag itself was too expensive. Thus, Salt was recruited to replicate the design of the bag in cake fashion. She did so using strawberries and cream rosé in bag-form. Dumping out about half of the bagged wine and folding it in half, Salt built the cake around the bag.

The Nottingham Post

Salt used vanilla sponge cake and describes the endeavor as a challenging one. She's no stranger to challenging cake designs, though. After baking for just five months, Salt entered a baking competition. She won a silver award for a pug-shaped cake. Yes, we want one too.

We also want one of her wine-dispensing cakes like the one she made for her friend's mom's birthday. She's apparently received dozens of requests for them. Keep your eyes peeled for Demi Salt's booze-filled cakes in the future. (We know we will.)

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