This Silicone Barbecue Set Has Everything for All of Your Grillmaster Needs

Grill up something smoky and delicious this summer. You can whip up the best pulled pork on the block but you're going to need the right gear. You need something that shreds your meats in a matter of seconds so you can serve a platter while the smoke is still rolling off the plate.

To handle such heated temperatures, you're also going to need something to help you handle your food. The Grace Kitchenwares Silicone BBQ Set is just what you need whether you're cooking for the family or catering a party. This set provides all the cookware you need to host a successful BBQ this summer and it's 72% off making it just $16.95.

3x No.1 Grace Kitchen Silicone Set


This set includes the essential gear you need to handle your high temperature foods and meats. The silicone gloves will allow you to handle hot foods such as putting or removing chicken from the grill or even removing boiled eggs from hot water.

The baster is great for keeping your ribs saucy and the claws are going to shred your pork to delicious and tasty pieces.


These silicone gloves are able to withstand the temperatures of your hot or frozen foods. Handle the coldest and hottest temperatures while protecting yours hands from possible spills and burns.

These gloves can withstand heat up to 425 degrees and are extremely durable. When all is done, throw these gloves in the dishwasher and clean up for your next use.


These shredding claws putting the double fork shredding tactic to shame. These claws will tears your meats a part so you can enjoy the fresh and juicy flavors of water you're cooking, almost as soon as it gets off the grill.


The silicone baster paired with the gloves will make basting your meats so much easier on the heated surfaces. This baster will allow you to sauce up your ribs without worrying about bristles falling out onto your food.

These three items together make the perfect team, but you'll use each piece no matter where you are, in the kitchen or at the grill. And when you get this set, you will also receive recipes so you can challenge your cooking skills with your new gear.

Get this value set today for a low price and I can guarantee that you won't want to use anything else!