79-Year-Old Amarillo Man Logs 3,600 Barbecue Meals at the Same Joint

No one does barbecue quite the same way Texas does, and no one can eat it quite like a true Texan. Need more proof than mere words? Amarillo's own Ed Aiton is a man with a love for barbecue deeper than the Pacific Ocean. You may think you're a fan of barbecue, but there's no way you've got a dang thing on good 'ole Ed.

It was a Thursday like any other, and Ed was sticking to his 7-year-old routine of eating twice a day at Tyler's Barbecue in Amarillo, Texas. And it was his rib habit that caught the attention of Jon Beilue at the Amarillo Globe-News. You see, Ed has eaten two meals at Tyler's every single day for the last seven years. For those of you that are not fans of math, that equates to 3,600 meals of barbecue from the same place.

Thanks Ed for being the customer of the day Everyday for 7 years https://www.facebook.com/amarilloglobenews/videos/10154821074401491/

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When Tyler's Barbecue opened up, it was your typical Texas barbecue joint serving up traditional Texas items such as brisket and ribs. There was nothing dazzling about it, and that was probably part of the draw to Aiton. After all, who likes waiting for food? No one we know, that's who. Being a new place, there were no expectations on Aiton's part as he entered a world that would soon reshape his own.

"I just kind of gave it a shot . . . I went in there one day and stayed there", Aiton told Amarillo Globe-News. What's his favorite item? Though he wouldn't admit it to being his number one, Aiton did rave about their ribs, telling the publication,

"I know I sound prejudiced, but they're the best I've ever eaten". 

The Twins are loaded I have a fantastic crew #tylersbbq #mycrewrocks #daytripping #texasbeef

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Though he doesn't have a strict routine when it comes to specific times of the day, employees of Tyler's and Tyler Frazer, the owner himself, can put money on seeing him mosey in at least twice a day. Heck, he'd probably be there more often if the joint was open for breakfast, too!

Locals and restaurant-goers surely have taken notice of Aiton, and could use a bit of his approach in their own lives, as well. After all, in Texas there's no such thing as too much barbecue. As for Aiton, we salute your loyalty to your hometown barbecue joint. We need more Texans like you, Ed. If you're ever in the Hill Country, consider this your open invitation.

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