This 1,000-Foot Water Slide is Taking Over Cities for the Sake of Water Conservation

Store-bought kiddie slip n' slides can step aside because Slide the City is on the prowl. This monstrosity of a slide rockets your body through 1,000 feet of slick inflated vinyl for the water ride of your life. Taking over selected city streets in the USA as well as Canada, Slide the City is cooling off the masses in concrete jungles and bringing summer fun to the city streets.

Slide the City travels far and wide to set up this slick track right in the heart of the city. What is normally overrun by traffic has now become the playground for this inflatable water slide that's longer than three football fields.

While their goal is to let people party all day, they do have an alternative motive. Slide the City is concerned with "bringing a fresh approach to water conservation."

That's right. This massive inflatable water slide isn't without serving the greater good. If you were concerned that this city block party invader is taking up all your precious resources, then you can rest assured that it's here to help.

Slide the City

In order to provide enough water for slide-goers to be entertained all day, the event re-circulates up to 12,000 gallons of water. While that sounds like a crazy amount of water to be used in one day, Slide the City gives it back to the people.

Rather than let it go down the storm drain - that would be a nightmare - the water is recycled back into the community. In doing so, Slide the City hopes that by partnering with various cities across the country they will be able to spread the word about the water conservation movement.

If you're ready to get your slide on, Slide the City will be invading:


  • Norfolk - 7/1/17

  • Daybreak - 7/8/17

  • Atlanta - 7/15/17

  • Swansboro - 7/15/17


  • Goshen - 8/5/17

  • Chisholm - 8/5/17

  • Salt Lake City - 8/12/17

  • North Vancouver - 8/12/ 17

  • North Vancouver - 8/13/17

  • Mandan - 8/26/17

    Bathing suit, swimsuit, or full-on wetsuit, put on your swimming trunks and get ready for Slide the City. This is one summer water blowout that you won't want to miss.

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