These Beautiful Book Bottles Are Bringing Together Wine and Short Stories

Do you ever find yourself struggling to find time to read? How about instead of turning on the television and tuning out the world with your glass of red wine, you tuned into another world entirely? Librottiglia wants to help you do just that with their innovative book bottles that are the place "where great wine and literary pleasures meet."

A partnership between Reverse Innovation and the Matteo Corregia winery has resulted in the most innovative wine bottle set-up in years: short stories attached right to the bottle.

The wine's characteristics are matched with both a narrative genre and a short story to "create perfectly balanced oeno-literary experience based on the sensory impressions and scenarios imagined in the stories," as Reverse Innovation states.

The book is attached to the body of the bottle using a delicate cord that "establishes a 'common thread' that strengthens the identity" of the wine's concept.


Each story features an illustration and is printed on textured paper stock to further enhance the elegant experience.

So far, there are three stories in the collection. The first was written by Patrizia Laquidara, matched with "a dry Brachetto with a surprising sweet bouquet." The second is a mystery by Danilo Zanelli that pairs with the white Roero Aerneis. The third book deals with a great love affair, which matches the intensity of the red Nebbiolo Roero it is attached to.

Reverse Innovation
Reverse Innovation

While the stories and website is currently in Italian, Librottiglia is something that we hope to see make its way to English-speaking countries soon enough.

This concept will encourage you to turn inward while sipping delicious wine, and we could all be a bit more mindful in our daily life.

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