These Tulip-Like Wine Glasses Are Contoured to Your Face

Go grab a glass of wine. What? It's only 10:00 in the morning? OK, grab a glass of orange juice then (vodka-free orange juice is available these days). Plug your nose up and take a sip. Note the taste. Now take a sip with an unplugged nose. Much better, right? Taste and smell are incredibly related, and a recent innovation has taken advantage of this phenomenon. We now have custom wine glasses that are contoured to your face. The future is now.

The Wine Mask Glass is what it's called, and enhancing your vintage is its job. If you've ever had an oxygen mask on your face, you already know what these wine glasses look like.

According to Independent, "The Wine Mask Glass is designed sinisterly similar to a gas mask so that the rim fits over your nose and, on either side, there are small air holes, or 'venturi nozzles', to help you breathe."

The Wine Glass Mask

"The glasses," says Sarah Young of Independent, "which are made by pressing glass, have been measured using a range of faces to achieve a more-or-less universal fit. James Piatt, an industrial designer also quoted in the article, says "your wine drinking experience will never be the same."

You may not have noticed, but your conventional wine glasses (even those cool stemless ones) are letting precious scents escape into the atmosphere, never to be smelled again. You won't suffocate using The Wine Mask Glass, but you will be inundated with aromas unlike any you've experienced before.

The Independent article continues, saying "Currently seeking funding via Kickstarter, The Wine Mask Glass needs to raise £62,000 to start production and, if successful, they will be sold for around £20 each."

The Independent

That's just about $25.00 per mask. Did we say mask? We mean glass. That's $25.00 per glass mask. Whatever you want to call it, it may just be cool (read: weird) enough for us to donate to the cause.

Check out their Kickstarter campaign here to donate to the cause for your own wine glass mask.

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