There's Officially a Costco Wedding Registry

Have you ever been to a Costco on a Saturday? Guess what: It's the pits. This piece happens to be written by a writer who may or may not have been to Costco before sitting down to write. It may or may not be Saturday. Weeknights are bad enough at the massive discount superstore, but Saturdays are war. Plain and simple. Now that that's off our chest, we want to tell you about the cool new thing Costco is doing. No, it's not population control. Instead, it's something much more reasonable. There's officially a Costco wedding registry program.

You go to Costco. You may or may not know that it's the largest members-only wholesale store in the world. What you do know is that you've had your foot run over by three different men that are at least seven feet tall, though. And you also know that it's very easy to spend cart-loads of money there. (Costco carts are humongous.)

Walking through Costco at the helm of a boat-sized cart, you see many things you want. Couches. Kayaks. Thirty-three ton vats of coconut oil. You can't justify spending money on most of it, but you sure would like to receive it as a gift. With the new Costco partnership with, anything is possible, including putting vats of coconut oil on the list of wedding gifts. No one has to question you!

Hang on to you Costco card. Tell us about a recent favorite purchase.

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Baby showers and weddings are the focus of this new setup, though it's advertised as being for all occasions. Wedding guests might as well bookmark it for the future baby registry you'll find a few years following the nuptials. Graduating soon and realizing that you won't be able to feed yourself? Get a Costco gift registry going for your grad party. We wish Costco registries existed when we graduated.

Unlike being a regular Costco member, participating in someone's registry is free. If your cousin is getting married and sets up a registry, you can gift the couple-to-be whatever they'd like. Even cash.

Using PayPal, the Costco registry setup allows for cash gifts in addition to the wide, varied offerings that the store carries itself. While the wedding registry excites us, we're unreasonably excited for the baby-rearing potentialities. Think baby essentials, like video monitors, car seats, and way more. No longer will expectant parents have to send a complicated list of potential gifts before the baby shower. No, Costco's universal gift registry is here.

Today we're celebrating siblings of all ages! #SiblingDay

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Say you have a baby on the way. That baby will use approximately forty-five million diapers. (We fabricated that number, but it seems accurate.) With the new partnership, you can have your friends and family outfit your babe in diapers before he or she is even born! It's genius.

A smart couple will use this for both their wedding and their first-born child. Costco is a zoo and a maze and, overall, spectacular. Let others buy you the things you want from the mega store. Setup a registry.

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